Breyer Horses Stablemates: Super Sporty

One of the most prolific types of horses in the world are sport horses. These super stars of the equestrian world compete in so many different disciplines, that it’s hard not to notice them! Golden Oak Stables opens its doors to a set of four Super Sporty horses that are ready to saddle up and take a ride into the ring.

Sport Horses have long developed over thousands of years in Europe and all over the world. These medium riding horses were developed with selective breeding over centuries to exude the most athletic and precise abilities known to the equine world. One of the best known sport breeds is the Thoroughbred, known for his fast speed. Warmbloods are another type of sport breeds excelling in dressage, show jumping and other top equine sports. The next time you see show jumping, dressage, horse racing or eventing, chances are, there’s a sport horse under the saddle!

Standing only 4 inches tall, Stablemates Super Sporty is a set of four sport horses that are sure to wow you with their ability and power. An athletic chestnut Arabian will have you thinking about all of the athletic and sporty things the Arabian breed can do from endurance trials to show jumping. An Appaloosa Sport Horse brings a bold and flashy coat into the ring as it competes with the best of them. A bay Hanovarian shows his stuff in an extended dressage trot, one of the most precise moves in the sport. Rounding out the bunch, a warm grey Thoroughbred stands calm and ready to compete.

A lot of horse in a little package, these four Stablemates bring a sporty power unlike any other to your collection!


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