Breyer Horses Classics: West Wind Stable

Everyone knows that the one accessory every collector needs to complete their collection is a stable of their own. Golden Oak Stables brings the Classic’s line the first all wooden stable so your stable yard can be complete!

Having a stable of your own for your stable is the most important touch to many collectors that are building stables and stable yards of their own. A stable of your own not only means a place for your models to live, but it also gives you countless possibilities for play, display or photographing. Most collectors have a stable of one sort or another, and many enjoy decorating it with extreme detail to get the most realistic stable possible. Classics collectors have had many choices for barns over the years, but this year, the first all wooden stable comes to collectors!

The West Wind Stable will bring the perfect accessory to your models and allow you to create a stable of your dreams. It’s wooden construction is beautifully crafted in light hardwood. A panel style roof and copula give this lovely barn a classic look that everyone can appreciate. Three stalls will hold your champions behind hinged doors just like the real thing! Windows give your horses a touch of the outdoors and your stable even more realism. All together, this lovely stable is the perfect way to give your Classics the lovely home they deserve!

So, which three of your Classics champions will come to live in your new stable? It won’t be an easy choice!

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