Breyer Horse Accessories: Going to the Horse Show

Accessorizing your Breyer horse is a fun way to not only dress your horse in fun and fabulous tack, but to also bring a sense of realism to your models. With realistic and fun accessories, you can bring a realistic touch to your own stable that only Breyer and Golden Oak Stables can help you create!

Accessories are one of the easiest and most fun ways to bring your own unique touch to your models and to make them all the more realistic. With tack, props and accessories you can create a world that is unique as your imagination. You can also create the stable of your dreams with a tack room fit for a king! The world is open when your horses are well dressed and equipped for whichever event today might bring.

Going To The Horse Show is a fun set that will have everyone excited for a day of competition. This fun set starts off with a sturdy tack trunk that will fit your horses accessories in style while on the way to the show. A light blue halter is relaxed but bold and bright enough to catch an eye while your horse is groomed for the show ring. A pink and blue plaid cooler is the perfect statement of style while your horse awaits his turn in the ring or cools down after a round in the ring. You can match your horse’s style with a pink and blue plaid tote bag to carry all of the things you need for show day too!

Bring some fun style to your tack room and to your horses with this lovely set that’s sure to catch the eye of anyone!

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