Breyer Horse Classics: Butterfly Kisses

One of the most popular type of Breyer horses are decorators, and in the fifty years since they were introduced decorators have evolved and grown into one of the most popular type of models that collectors love to collect! This year, a new decorator comes into the Breyer lineup, but the decorators are not without an interesting history!

The first decorators were produced in the late 1950’s and were painted to look like they were carved from wood. These models became affectionately known as Woodgrain models and were popular among home decorators, giving decorators their name! Many horse lovers were attracted to this style because of not only the realistic sculpting, but because they could be so easily incorporated into your home’s style. In the early 1960’s the most colorful decorators came into the Breyer world, and they aren’t without a story. Wedgewood and Copehagen blue models and Gold Charm and Filigree models both made their debut in the early 1960’s as the next incarnation of the decorator horses. The surprise came when these models failed to become popular with collectors and were quickly discontinued. Because of this, they are some of the most desirable Breyer models ever collected and are highly prized today.

By the late 1960’s the decorators had slowly waned in popularity and were quietly discontinued. The surprise came in the 1990’s when Breyer began releasing decorators again, seeing the popularity among collectors! Since then, new Woodgrains, Wedgewood, Copenhagen, Gold Charm and Filigree models have all been produced, along with a whole new world of creativity that brings decorators into the new millennium!

Butterfly Kisses comes into Golden Oak Stables with a decorator style all it’s own. Painted in a color scheme of light blue and white, this lightly shaded model is the perfect canvas for a stunning decorator model. Across the barrel of this beautiful horse, a scene of bright and colorful butterflies flitters past!

With a long and colorful past, decorators are fun to collect and beautiful to display. Do you have any decorators?

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