Breyer Horse New Releses: Stablemates Gentle Giants

Stablemate Collectors always wait in anxious excitement for the release of new models at the beginning of the year. This year, a ton of new Stablemates have galloped into the paddock, including new molds, surprise foals and stunning horses that everyone can get excited about. There’s one new set of Gentle Giants that are making a quiet, but notable entrance that we’re all soon to notice.

Quietly cantering into Golden Oak Stables are a set of four Gentle Giants that are sure to liven up your stable with their big attitudes.

The set starts off with the ever popular Friesian mold painted in the classic black Friesian color. His high spirited step and his thick feathering makes him an ever popular mold and an easy collector favorite. Next into the stable is a dapple grey Percheron who’s wild dapple coat is something to behold. His dark grey shading is accented with his wild dappling and his alert attitude makes him a fun and stunning example of his breed. The Belgian is a popular draft breed for his long history of farm work and gentle attitude. Breyer brings a calm and strong Belgian to the Stablemates lineup painted in the classic sorrel color so many Belgians are known for. His light colored mane and tail and white blaze give him the sweetest expression that is sure to make him a favorite wherever he goes. Last, but certainly not least comes a cantering Clydesdale that is sure to brighten up your paddock. This stunning red roan drafter brings color and style to the breed that is so well known all over the world today!

Want to bring a few Gentle Giants into your home? These little guys are the perfect way to make a big impact in your collection!

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