Breyer Horse New Accessories: New Accessories For Your Farm

Breyer has blown collectors out of the water with new additions to the lineup for 2015. Ranging from new horses and activities to the Livestock animals coming back into the Breyer lineup, Breyer has brought a new exciting group to collectors that they have been begging for! Golden Oak Stables brings you the entire line, including some new accessories for your farm yard that will bring the perfect touch of realism and play.

The new livestock models have collectors jumping for joy in so many ways. So many collectors have been waiting for the return of the stock animals to the Breyer lineup and with their return come a few accessories for your farm to make them complete. It’s no secret that animals require special things to care for them, and farm animals are a little bit different than horses in what they need. Breyer delivers with just what you need to get your farm in shape for their arrival!

The most important part of animal care is always proper feeding and with the Livestock Feeder your animals will be perfectly fed. This top loading design keeps hay off of the ground and constantly moving. It’s wooden construction will keep it looking lovely for years for collectors too!

Keeping your animals corralled is a second but very important necessity of animal ownership as well, the Metal Livestock Fence includes four panels to get you started keeping those animals corralled. You can put more than one set together to create a pen of your own design and then when you’re done it will collapse down flat for easy storage!

Is your farm ready for a little livestock? It’s easy to get started with just a few fun accessories!

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