Breyer Horse Animals: Cow And Calf Gift Set

January 29, 2015

Ready for something a little different in your herd? Golden Oak Stables brings you a couple of new animals that are sure to shake things up at your barn and have your horses looking twice at the new additions you’ve brought home.

Breyer introduced animal models very early on in the 1950’s as companions to their horses. Dogs, cats, cows, even wild animals like bears and deer have been created over the years and have become collectors favorites by so many. Collectors have embraced this subsection of collection with excitement and enthusiasm and after years of asking, Breyer has brought some of the animal molds from retirement and into collectors hands!

The Cow and Calf Gift Set is a set of a two Holstein cows that so many of us will recognize. This familiar dairy cow is so memorable and so easy for us to recognize with it’s patchwork black and white pattern. The cow’s calm expression is sweet and knowing and her calf turns curiously to one side. They have both been painted with delicate grey shadings around the hooves and soft pinking in the ears and nose area that gives their stark black and white coat coloring a beautiful touch.This new and detailed paint job is the most detailed that these calves have seen and that collectors have had a chance to add to their collection.

Open up that paddock and get ready to add a little livestock to your barn, this Cow and Calf is just waiting to graze in your pastures and start, or add to, your Breyer Animal collection!

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