Breyer Horse New Releases: Stablemate Mystery Foal Families

Stablemates have always been popular among collectors, and there’s no question why not. These adorable little horses are not only easy to collect because of their size, but also are so full of detail that collectors can’t help but fill their shelves with these little guys. New at Golden Oak Stables for 2015, you can add new Mystery Foal Family sets to your collection and anxiously await the new addition of a foal in your stable!

The fun of the Stablemate Mystery Foal Families is that until you open them up, you’ll have no idea what the foal looks like! It’s just like expecting a real foal of your own, until it’s born, it’s all a mystery! Three special sets have been created for 2015 and bring fun new molds and colors to collectors.

A bay Quarter Horse starts off the sets, this is a new mold that is for the first time available to collectors all over. The collector favorite Reining horse has been painted in a metallic silver dun, who knows what his foal will look like! A black Warmblood in an extended trot is sure to make a stunning foal, but who knows what it might look like? Next is another Warmblood, but this one is a stunning sorrel with pinto markings. A palomino blanket Appaloosa is sure to add some stunning color to his foal. And lastly is the highly anticipated sorrel Icelandic pony, what will his foal look like?

Ready for a surprise? The Mystery Foals sets are a perfect way to add new Stablemates to your collection but to bring the fun of new foals to your collection too! What do you think the mystery foals will look like?

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