Breyer Horse Limited Editions: Glitterati

Breyer horses have a long history and interesting history that stretches over 65 years with thousands of horses in between. Celebrating the 65th anniversary of Breyer, Golden Oak Stables brings you a model that combines the amazing artistry of Breyer today with the beloved mold that started it all.

In 1950 Breyer Molding Company was based out of Chicago Illinois and was a lot more like any type of manufacturing plant than the company we know it as today. Creating everything from steering wheels to clocks, Breyer produced plastic injection molded pieces and products for companies all over the world. In 1950 they were commissioned to create a western themed clock for the F.W. Woolworth company along with a horse standing beside it, this would end up being the first ever Breyer model. When Breyer saw the popularity of the clock, they decided to produce just the horse due to popular request. This horse was affectionately known as Western Horse, because of his molded Western style tack. The original palomino Western Horse was produced for over 50 years, being eventually retired in 1991.

New for 2015, Breyer has created a twist on the beloved Western Horse that already has collectors excited. Glitterati is a perfect creation showing the intricate detail that Breyer is capable of along with the classic and beloved Western Horse. This old favorite has been painted in a detailed and delicate bay Appaloosa with intricate spotting and beautiful shading. His tack has been hand painted in both gold and black with ever iconic gold chain link reins. He has been finished in a stunning high gloss just like vintage Breyer horses were finished in, giving him the perfect finishing touch!

Ready to add a bit of history to your collection? Glitterati is a perfect way to bring both something old and something new into your collection!

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