Breyer Horse Limited Editions: Santiago Polo Pony

Breyer has brought a whole new herd of amazing horses into the hands of collectors for 2015 and one of the most exciting is Santiago! Collectors from all over will be making room on their shelves for this gorgeous new polo pony!

Golden Oak Stables welcomes Santiago, a stunning new addition to the 2015 lineup! Limited to only 3000 pieces, this stunning horse is special in so many ways. Starting with his mold, he has been created on the collectors favorite Smarty Jones mold. Running at a full gallop, he comes with a turf stand that mimics the green grass of a polo field. The mold has been given a special new touch, exclusively for this model. For the first time ever, collectors can add the banded tail and roached mane version of this model to their collection! This special mold detail has only been offered once before, and was exceptionally limited in release!

His mold might be enough to make most collectors swoon, but Santiago also features a gorgeous detailed rose grey paint job. His multi-layer paint scheme has been delicately created with variations in shading and coloration throughout. Shades of grey, white and rose all peek through and star dapples unlike no other gives his coat a look like no other!

Is your stable ready for a new addition? Chances are, you won’t be able to pass this one up! With his stunning coat and his mold unlike any others, you won’t want to miss your chance to add Santiago to the stable!

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