Breyer Horse Holiday: Artist Signature Ornament

Breyer is known for bringing some of the most beautiful and realistic horses in the world to collectors, but behind those horses are artists that are above and beyond some of the most talented in the world. These amazing artists create stunning works of art that are translated into Breyer horses for collectors and become beloved keepsakes for so many. This holiday, celebrate one of these amazing artists with Golden Oak Stables.

For the past few years, Breyer has celebrated these amazing artists with a special Artist Signature Ornament in the Holiday lineup. This year, the Artist Signature Ornament features two of Breyer’s most predominant artists together! Susan Carlton Sifton and Sheryl Leisure come together to bring two beautiful Quarter Horses to life!

This beautiful hand-blown glass ornament features a bay Roxy Quarter Horse on one side and a beautiful palomino Smart Chic on either side. Both of these lovely horses were sculpted by Susan Carlton Sifton and using Sheryl Leisure’s amazing artistic skills they come to life. Each of these horses have been sketched in the most beautiful style bringing the life of the model to each horse in beautiful colors and stunning likeness. They are set on a light blue background with holiday accents like holly and a bed of snow.

This perfectly artistic ornament is a wonderful way to bring in the season with Breyer. Your tree will be bright with equestrian love with this and other Breyer ornaments decorating it. There’s no more perfect way for a horse lover to celebrate the season than with beautiful Breyer ornaments decorating the tree!


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