Breyer Horse Collecting: Breyer Horse Holidays

The holidays are right around the corner and getting into the spirit of the season is something so many of us are thinking about. But something you might not be thinking about is bringing you Breyer horses into your decorating.  Breyer and Golden Oak Stables make it easy to bring a little touch of your collection into your holiday decor and bring an equestrian touch to the season.

Each year Breyer releases a Holiday Collection that is filled with special horses, ornaments, snow globes and other special little creations that are specially made with Breyer collectors and horse lovers in mind. These make it easy to bring a little holiday spirit into your collection and make your decorations a little more equestrian styled.

Some collectors also use this time to get creative with their models. Decorating with your collection can easily be done with a little creativity! Adding a bit of holiday decorations to your models or setting them up around your home decorations can make your decorations unique and beautiful. A winter scene with a beautiful Breyer at the head of the sleigh is sure to make any Breyer collector smile. Even making costumes for your horses or re-purposing Stablemates and Mini Whinnies into ornaments is a fun holiday craft that will have your decorations uniquely yours and beautiful as can be! A little ribbon, tinsel and glitter can get you some amazing results!

So, what can you do to bring a little Breyer love to your holiday decorations? Get creative and the results are sure to be stunning!

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