Breyer Horse Collecting: What Is On Your Holiday Wish List?

Gift giving season is here and while we shop for others, hoping to make holiday wishes come true, there’s sure to be a few folks looking to help bring your holiday wishes true! It can be overwhelming for a non-collector to buy a Breyer for a loved one, but you can make their job so much easier with just a little time!

Many collectors have wish lists in one form or another. A wish list is nothing more than a list of horses that a collector would like to add to their collection. They can be written, typed or maybe yours is only in your own mind, but a list is a list none the less!

If you don’t have a wish list, this is a great time to start one! By making a list of models that you would like to add to your collection, you can ensure that only your favorite horses are brought into your stable and that no duplicates come along the way (unless you’re hoping for twins!). This is also a great way to manage your collection! Keeping track of your collection is important for documenting purposes and keeping track of new arrivals, and those who you’d like to arrive is the first step in a well documented, organized collection!

Lucky for collectors, Golden Oak Stables has you covered for all of your wish list needs! You can sign into your Golden Oak Stables account and easily add all of the models you would like to your wish list which you can then show to others!

What are you waiting for? It’s time to start a wish list of your very own and the possibilities are endless! Who is going to be the first horse on your wish list?

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