Breyer Horse Activities: Putting Together The Puzzle

As the weather gets colder and the thought of snuggling up by a warm fire seems all the more appealing, we all look for things to do to while the snow fall outside. Thankfully, Golden Oak Stables has so many different ways to fill any Breyer lover’s free time with fun activities that will have you excited for a snowy day!

Breyer has long created the most realistic and amazing model horses in the world, but did you know how many other fun things they make? From painting kits and coloring books to puzzles and games, there’s something special for whatever you like to do in your spare time.

If you’re dreaming of a warm sunny day, the Fun In The Sun Puzzle is perfect for you! This 500 piece puzzle will have you thinking and working hard to complete it and reveal the image of a beautiful paint mare and foal that stand on a warm beach! You’ll be dreaming of sunny days right along with these two! The fun doesn’t stop there though, an adorable matching paint horse Stablemate is included to add to your collection!

Stablemates fans will have a blast with The Exciting World of Stablemates Puzzle. This 1000 piece puzzle will have you busy for hours as you work to complete the picture of the perfect Stablemate horse town full of barns, riding centers and a vet’s office. Then once you’re done, there’s a roan Stablemate Warmblood for you to take into your own Stablemate horse town!

Want to have a little more fun the next time snow rolls in? A puzzle from Breyer is an almost certain way to enjoy the next quiet day!

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