Breyer Horse Collecting: Variations Everywhere!

Breyer horses are some of the most beautiful horses in the world, and for so many reasons! Breyer horses are sculpted by some of the world’s most talented equine artists and then painted by hand down to the last little detail. With that kind of artisan touch comes something that has taken the model horse world by storm, variations!

Variations are commonly referred to as any detail on a Breyer horse that are different from what the majority of that horse’s run is made to look like. As you can imagine, variations are pretty common, but can also can be pretty incredible all in one.

Some common variations are socks painted on a model on the wrong leg or in varying height. Sometimes details like a star, eye detailing or hoof striping will be missed creating a variation. Body shade and color can vary from one horse to another but sometimes it’s drastic enough to create a variation. Many collectors like to collect light and dark version of their favorite models. Sometimes the finish of a model is even varied, with matte horses being painted withe semi-glossy or glossy finishes or the opposite, matte horses being made when they are supposed to be glossy.

Collectors find that collecting variations can be a fun way to add to their collections. Some collectors find great joy in collecting dozens of variations of their favorite model, or sometimes just one or two that catches their eye in a special way. With some models being made for decades, it’s very easy to collect variations and exciting when you find a new variation on your favorite model!

Do you have any variations in your collection? The next time you get a horse from Golden Oak Stables take a good look over him and pay attention for anything that might make him a variation, you might be surprised by what’s in your hands!

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