Breyer Horse Collecting: What Does Your Collection Look Like?

Big or small, varied or similar, each collection is different, and each is uniquely you! Collectors all around the world collect much differently from the next, so what does your collection say about you?

Breyer collectors agree, if you have more than one Breyer horse, you’re a collector, but from there, your collection can say a lot about you. Quantity is probably the first thing that collectors notice about their collections and others. Collections can range in size from 2 to 2000, or even more! It doesn’t matter how long you’ve collected, the size of your collection helps to define your collecting style. Some people strive for quantity or want to collect them all, and others collect what they like. Some collectors have an idea of how big they would like their collection and some just let it develop naturally.

Scale is another defining feature in collections. With four main scales of horses (Traditional, Classic, Stablemate and Mini Whinnies), collectors often develop a favorite scale or two and their collections tend to reflect that. Some collectors only collect models that are small and some only large, and even more collect a little bit of everything!

With so many breeds, types and colors of Breyer horses, it’s no wonder collectors choose their favorites time after time. Breyer makes horses that have been stars, famous horses, horses of rare breeds and every day horses. All of them are beautiful as can be! What types of horses are in your collection probably tell a little bit about what kind of real horses are your favorite too.

So, take a look at your collection, what does your collection say about you? It might help you pick your next herd member from Golden Oak Stables if you have an idea of the direction your collection is headed in!

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