Breyer Horse Accessories: Barns and Stables!

The winds are getting chilly and snow is starting to fall in so many places! Real horse owners are starting to think about winter and the needs their horses have. Most horses will be spending a little more time in their stables in the winter, especially during rough weather, will your Breyer horses have a place to go when it gets chilly?

Stablemates, the second smallest Breyer scale, has lots of options for barns and stables to keep your little guys warm all winter.  The first is the Little Red Stable, this barn is the perfect place to stable your Stablemates with three stalls and a tack room! If you live on the brighter side of life, the Horse Crazy Barn might be the right one for you. This bright pink and purple barn is perfect for your Horse Crazy models, or your more realistic ones. The Stablemates Pocket Barn is a barn for the little guys in your collection, and even comes with a foal of its own. If you are serious about your riding, the Riding Academy might be the perfect place for your models to go over the winter. Your horse can stay in show shape all winter!

If Classics are more your scale, the Three Horse Barn is perfect for you! This beautiful pink and white barn features three stalls that all open and close and windows for your horses to watch out of. It even includes a plank jump so your horse can keep on training through the winter.

Traditional horses can choose between the Red Two Stall Barn and the Deluxe Wooden Barn. The Red Two Stall Barn has a beautiful removable roof, sliding doors and functional Dutch doors. It is painted a lovely bright shade of red with a beautiful grey roof. The Deluxe Wooden Barn is made of beautiful natural wood with a high roof and open windows. It features two spacious stalls, sliding doors, feed bins and tack racks!

Golden Oak Stables has all you need to get your models ready for winter! Where do your horses stable up for the cold season?

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