Breyer Horse Collecting: The Ones That Got Away

Something all collectors can agree on is that one is never enough and there is always a horse or two (or more!) that we are looking for. No matter if you’ve been collecting for a few months or a few decades, chances are, there’s been a model that’s “gotten away”.

One of the most exciting parts of collecting Breyer horses is that there are not only so many, but the lineup is always changing. Each year Breyer brings out dozens of new horses and with those new horses, some are discontinued. There are also Limited Edition horses, special releases, holiday horses and more that are only available for a short time each year, and you only get one chance as a collector to add them to your collection, once they are gone, they are gone!

This can of course be a little overwhelming for collectors new and old alike, but there’s ways to plan ahead and fill your collection with all of the models you want to add to your collection each and every year. It’s a good first start to plan out which regular runs you’d like to add to your collection each year. This can help you plan for models that should be available most of the year or even several years in some cases. Keeping track of special horses like the Holiday Horses that are regular additions to your collection will help you know what you might buy in the next year. Then, in the fall when the Retired List is announced, cross check it with your wanted list and see what horses you only have a short time to get! This time is critical, because once they are gone, they’re gone! Finally, keeping a little set aside for special releases, mid-year releases and surprises through the year will keep your collection in tip top shape!

The most important thing collectors can do is watch Golden Oak Stables for all of the news, newest releases and info that your collection needs! Check often, you never know when new things might pop up!


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