Breyer Horse Classics: Western Accessory Set

Western riders span the gamut of disciplines while in the saddle. Traditionally, Western riding was reserved for dude ranches and cow working, but today, so many horses and riders find so many exciting things to do while riding Western. You can take your classics along with you on your Western riding journey with a Western Accessory Set for your stable!

A Western saddle will probably always touch off memories of dude ranches and cattle drives, but in today’s world, so much more is done with them! There are of course, many who still ride Western on the home front and it’s the choice saddle for cattle work, but there’s so much more that Western riders do. Competitions of Western riding are as wide and varied as they are old. Barrel Racing is an ever popular sport for riders that matches speed and precision. In the show ring Western riding draws from it’s ranch roots to showcase crafts like cow cutting and calf roping. There’s also reining, which is like dressage for Western riders and takes an extreme amount of precision and talent. That’s not to forget the casual trail riding and pleasure riding that so many do in a Western saddle!

Your Classics can explore the world of Western riding with the Western Accessory Set. This set is the perfect way to get your Classics started with Western riding. The set includes a black and turquoise Western saddle, saddle pad and bridle which will have you on your way. A bag of feed and feeding bucket is sure to keep your horse in tip top shape as he’s riding. The set finishes off with a trunk, turquoise blanket and a black cowboy hat for your rider!

Ready to jump in the saddle? Golden Oak Stables has everything you need, so saddle up!

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