Breyer Horse Collecting: Collecting For A Cause

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and as we remember this disease that effects so many, we can also help the cause along with Golden Oak Stables and Breyer!

Breast Cancer is a disease that touches the lives of so many and the month of October is used to help bring awareness to this disease and to raise funds to find a cure! Breyer has teamed up with Breast Cancer to raise awareness and remember those lost to this terrible disease with a horse that helps fight for a cure!

The Breyer Breast Cancer Awareness Model is the perfect way to not only support the fight for the cure but to also remember those who have fought against it. Created on the Bluegrass Bandit model, this beautiful flat shod Tennessee Walking Horse is calm and placid as she walks ever so gently. Her sweet flowing mane and tail are long and beautiful as is her sweet face that carries the most gentile expression.

What makes her truly special is the translucent pink plastic that she has been created with. Using the signature color of the Breast Cancer Awareness movement, she’s been created in a beautiful and shimmering clear pink plastic. She’s been further adorned with pink ribbons that dance throughout her coat in a whimsical and beautiful way.

Each purchase of the Breyer Breast Cancer Awareness Model benefits Breast Cancer charities and research to find a cure! Remember this the fight that has been fought with this beautiful model that brings attention and awareness to a cause that needs our help!

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