Breyer Horse Collecting: Old Molds and New

Something that so many collectors have come to fall in love with is the wide variety of models that Breyer makes. For the last 60 years, Breyer has made some of the most realistic and beautiful model horses in the world, and even still today, some of those earliest models are still used.

Collectors refer to a Mold as the sculpture of the horse, and it generally gets it’s name from the first model that it was released as. So models like Zippo Pine Bar may have been released as many different horses over the years, but it was first introduced in 1999 as Zippo Pine Bar and still carries that mold date and name today.
Most collectors refer to older molds as molds for model horses that were made before 1990. This means that the first time the sculpture was produced, was before 1990. This makes any models made after 1990 to be generally considered to be newer molds. This isn’t an exact rule, but one most collectors agree on. This is because in the 90’s sculpting techniques and sculptors changed pretty drastically. Breyer began employing more hobby artists to create molds and models, bringing a new breath of air into the Breyer world.

Many old molds are still very beloved today and each year we see older models finding their way into Golden Oak Stables with stunning new paint jobs.  The Foundation Appaloosa, Secretariat, and John Henry molds (among many others) are currently standing proudly along side many newer models with just as much beauty!

How many older molds do you have in your collection? You might be surprised to see how many ‘oldies, but goodies’ there are in the Breyer world!

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