Breyer Horse New Releases: Are You Ready For The Holidays

Fall starts today and with that cool weather finding it’s way to you, comes thoughts of holidays and winter. Just in time, Breyer and Golden Oak Stables are expecting the arrival of the much anticipated 2014 Holiday Collection. This year is filled with lovely little horses that are sure to spice up your holiday season as well as your collection!

The 2014 Holiday Horse is a lovely Spanish stallion named Bayberry and Roses. This stunning rose dapple grey horse makes in place in the Breyer lineup with a gorgeous costume fitting for the season.

Also in the Breyer Holiday Collection are a myriad of ornaments just waiting to help you deck the halls. This year brings back additions to the Carousel Horse Series, the Beautiful Breeds Series, and the Artist Signature Series. All beloved by collectors, these are sure to be favorites for so many. There’s also a few other ornaments that have found their way into the 2014 Holiday Collection that are unique, beautiful and celebrate not only the beauty of the horse, but also the amazing artistry of Breyer.

Are you ready for the holidays? There’s still plenty of time to add the entire 2014 Breyer Holiday Collection to your holiday celebration. Ring in the holidays with Breyer and celebrate the beauty of the horse!

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