Breyer Horse Wind Dancers: Kona’s Tree House

Any horse lover might wonder what a horse is doing in a tree house, but when it comes to the Wind Dancers it makes complete sense. These lovely little fantasy creatures have become part of Breyer’s world and become a favorite for so many young and old.

The Wind Dancers are horses unlike any other. These little winged horses come from a land of fantasy and bring their magic to not only the young but the young at heart as well. Their fun fanciful designs and colors make them unique and their gossamer wings make them all the more magical.

New for 2014, Golden Oak Stables brings you Kona’s Tree House, a fun new playset that will have you making adventures of your own. Kona is a gorgeous little black filly with a touch of shimmer to her coat. Her wings are light and airy letting her float on air like you’d imagine of a Wind Dancer. Her tree house is a dream for any little filly. It’s beautifully decorated and the perfect home for Kona. It comes with a bunch of accessories making it a blast to play with including a treasure chest and every horse’s favorite toy, a jolly ball.

Ready to add a little fantasy to your life? Why not bring a Wind Dancer home to your stable?

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