Breyer Horse Collecting: 2014 Limited Editions

Each year Breyer creates special models that are only available for a limited time. These models often become prized by collectors for their rarity and collectible value. With fall in the air and the retired list fast approaching, there’s only a short time for you to add this year’s models to your collection!

Golden Oak Stables brings you the two 2014 Limited Edition horses so that you can add these special horses to your stable!

2014 in the Chinese New Year Calendar marks the year of the horse! This special year is celebrated only once every 12 years, and this year, Breyer has chosen to honor it with a special model! Those born in the Year Of The Horse are said to be logical, inspirational, intelligent, and friendly, yet restless, and high-strung. They’re also said to be energetic and always racing towards new goals!

Breyer is also celebrating the year of the Wooden Horse with Mu Wen Ma! This year on the Chinese Zodiac Calendar lines the year of the horse up along with the element of wood. For those born this year wood will add strength and flexibility to a person. Breyer created the first traditional woodgrain horse in over 30 years to celebrate this model! Collectors have been going crazy for him since setting eyes on him!

Ready to celebrate 2015? Not too fast! Don’t miss out on these lovely models!

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