Breyer Horse Collecting: Where Do Your Models Live?

Model horse collectors can all tell you that one of the most satisfying parts of collecting is displaying your collection. For some this means rows of perfectly dusted and organized models but for others stables and paddocks are the only way for a model horse to live!

One of the most amazing parts of model horse collecting is the ability to create a world all your own. The sky is the limit with model horses, nothing is stopping you from creating an Olympic level dressage barn or a ranch that is all your own. Some collectors find that one of the most exciting parts of collecting is finding a way to not only display, but enjoy their models by creating realistic worlds of their very own.

Breyer and Golden Oak Stables makes it easy to start your own world with not only a myriad of horses and accessories, but also fun things like a realistic Red Barn that your horses can call home. No details were spared on this amazing barn, from stall doors that open just like the real thing to it’s wooden construction will have you feeling like you’re in a real barn!

So, where do your models live? Are you a collector that lines your models up and displays them in an organized way? Or do you let your models live in a barn and create a model horse world of your own? Or, do you have a unique way of displaying them?

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