Breyer Horse Collecting: Vintage, Retired And Everything In Between

There’s a lot of different terms that collectors use for Breyer horses, from terms like LSQ ( meaning Live Show Quality) to SM (meaning Stablemate scale), there’s a term for nearly everything out there! Today, we’ll look at some collecting terms that help us define the models in our collection.

Breyer has been making models for over 60 years, and if you’re a collector, you’ve probably noticed some special horses throughout your time collecting. Sometimes a horse will be marked limited, or maybe you’ve wandered into the Vintage section of Golden Oak Stables and wondered what that means. Just like any other term, collectors have defined these terms for us.

Vintage is a term used most often to refer to older Breyers. There is really no standard in the hobby as to how old vintage horses are, some collectors agree that just a few years makes a model vintage and some only feel like the oldest Breyers are truly Vintage. Either way, this term refers to a model that has not been produced in many years.

Retired or Discontinued is a term that collectors use for models that have been taken out of production. Each year Breyer releases a “Retired” list for the year that states which horses will be ending production, once they are gone, they are gone, and often become difficult to find.

Limited Edition horses are a bit like Retired or Discontinued in the way that, once they are gone, they are gone. Models are produced in a limited number and only in that number. Some Limited Editions are produced in very low numbers and others in higher numbers, it all depends on the horse.

So, what kind of horses are in your collection? Do you have any Vintage, Retired or Limited Edition horses?

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