Breyer Horse Collecting: What Have You Done With Your Summer?

August is just around the corner and the summer will soon come to a close. Most of us have a little more free time in the summer than other times of the year, so as summer starts to come to an end, let’s look at what projects we’ve started, and how we can finish out the summer with a Breyer blast!

For many Breyer collectors, their first thoughts of summer revolve around around the biggest Breyer event of the year, Breyerfest! This year celebrated 25 years of this amazing event and thousands of collectors spent three days in Lexington Kentucky to celebrate their love for Breyers! Other events also fill the summer days including Breyer Fun Days and live model horse shows. These events are destinations for so many with their fun events and the chance to meet other collectors! Did you make it to any Breyer events this summer?

The summer is also a great time to start projects and Breyer projects are great ones for every Breyer collector. Customizing, tack making and prop making are just the start. Organizing your collection, displaying it, even dusting horses are a great way to spend your free time along with your collection. How is your collection looking? Maybe you have a box of projects started, or your collection half unpacked, now’s the perfect time finish that project and display it with pride!

Stuck at the drawing board for a project? Golden Oak Stables has a ton of Activity Kits that will give you the perfect start. Let your imagination run wild and start or finish a Breyer project today, then share it with us!

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