Breyer Horse Events: The Horses Of Gentle Carousel At Breyerfest

Each year Breyer picks several charities to donate the proceeds of some of the Breyerfest proceeds to. These charities have grown and flourished over the years with donations from Breyer made possible by the generous attendees that support the raffles and silent auctions. This year, one charity hits very close to home for Breyer collectors, not only is it one that has been made a part of the Breyer family, but they also were in attendance!

Magic and Hamlet were added to the Breyer stables earlier this year and have become quick favorites since. These two miniature horses are not only adorable, but also bring with them a wonderful mission as well. These adorable miniature horses are therapy horses for the charity Gentile Carousel, an organization which brings miniature horses to those who are sick. Each year, Magic and Hamlet visit thousands of adults and children in hospitals, hospices and assisted living facilities.

Animal therapy has been known to improve the lives of the sick and the recovering for many years now, but miniature horses have only recently become a known to the animal  therapy world. Magic and Hamlet along with Gentle Carousel are at the forefront of this amazing world of animal therapy. The horses of the Gentle Carousel have traveled all over the United States to help those in need and have touched so many lives along the way!

Golden Oak Stables brings Magic and Hamlet to you with models of their very own. These two adorable miniature horses are small in size but match up perfectly with all of the Traditional sized horses. Their sweet expressions and adorable looks will have you hoping to add a miniature horse or two to your stable!

Bringing healing and love to thousands, Magic and Hamlet are an adorable pair of miniature horses that are ready to snuggle into your stable!


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