Breyer Horse New Releases: All The Sides Of Camilla

June 30, 2014

A new foal has come into Golden Oak Stables and is creating quite the stir as she does. Never has a foal with her stature been introduced into the Breyer world and as she makes her way in, collectors are clamoring to get their hands on all three of her!

Camilla is a lovely little foal that is the first in a series of 1/6 scale foals. This means that this beautiful girl stands nearly as tall as a Traditional sized adult! Her large size allows for detail that is out of this world and is already taking collectors by storm! This adorable little filly was sculpted by one of the hobby’s favorite artists, Kitty Cantrell and was first released as an artist resin. In 2014 Breyer brought the sculpture to collectors in her now well known plastic form.

What’s fun about Camilla isn’t just her size, but the fact that she comes in three very distinct variations, all very much different from the next. Camilla A is the first, and the most extensively marked of all of them. Her coat is a stunning shade of baby red dun with delicate leg striping and shading. Her coat is covered with an extensive pinto pattern and four high white leg markings that make her very flashy. Camilla B is next and still brings her beautiful coloring, shading and details but this time with a few well placed pinto markings and high whites. Camilla C is the understated beauty of the group. She is the only one that doesn’t carry body pinto markings, instead she has high whites and a wide blaze and a body that is shaded ever so delicately into the perfect red dun.

So, which Camilla do you like best? They’re all different, so we won’t tell if your collection needs them all!

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