Real Life Breyer Horses: What’s Your Discipline?

June 26, 2014

Horses live all over the world, and have for thousands of years. Because of this, horses have had thousands of different jobs to help their riders and to show their abilities. Golden Oak Stables wants to know, what’s your discipline?

Most riding is put in a few different categories, the most popular types being English and Western riding. English riding developed in Europe and stretches across disciplines from classical dressage to show jumping. Riders practice horse racing and endurance riding in modified English saddles that are built for speed and to be lightweight. The English saddle is also used in the Eventing world where competitors show off their skills in dressage, cross country and show jumping. Western riding developed in the Americas with the help of the Spanish conquistadors. This riding style has evolved around working land and livestock. Riders also compete in sports like barrel racing, reining and cow cutting using the Western saddle. Some trail riders prefer the use of a Western saddle and even more use it as their daily riding saddle. That’s only the beginning though. Other disciplines include sports like vaulting, saddleseat riding, showmanship, costume classes and more!

Breyer collectors have the chance to live in a world where all of these different disciplines are at your fingertips, and with some creativity you can experience this world all on your own. With horses that span the gamut of different horse breeds and tack that helps get you well on your way, collectors can experience so much more than many riders will ever get a chance to!

Feel proud as a Breyer collector, and know that you can experience the world of horses in your very own hands. What is your favorite disciple? And which do you want to try next?

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