Breyer Horse Stablemates: Building A Stablemate World

June 23, 2014

Collectors from all over the world have fallen in love with Stablemates. These tiny horses might be small in size, but are easy to collect and beautiful as can be! It’s no question to why they’re so popular, and now, you can build a whole world around them!

Breyer created the Stablemate collection in 1975 with twelve models and has since added dozens upon dozens of more horses to the line. Standing about three inches tall, Stablemates are 1/32 in scale. This combined with their traditional sized detail makes them easy and so fun to collect! Over the years Breyer has created an entire world for Stablemates, and Golden Oak Stables brings you everything you’ll need to create a world of your own!

The natural place to start is with the Little Red Stable, this classically styled barn features a barn, hay loft, tack room and even accessories like fencing and a jump to get your stable started. If you’re a little more fanciful, the Color Crazy Barn is a great place to go to bring a big punch of color to your Stablemates. Another important building in any horse loving town is the Riding Academy. Here riders and their horses can touch up their skills and show their talents. Every horse owner needs to keep the local vet on call in case of an emergency, and the Animal Hospital is a great place to keep in your town. Keeping your horses and other animals in tip top shape will be easy with it nearby. One accessory every horse owner needs is a Truck and Trailer of their own! From horse shows to trail rides, being able to take your horse with you is an important part of horse ownership, and a fun way for collectors to accessorize!

That’s only  the start though, there’s a myriad of playsets and accessories to add to your Stablemate world and to help you create the collection of your dreams! Where will you start?

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