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June 19, 2014

It may seem like you’re too old to have a little fun from time to time some days, but the truth is, both the young and young at heart both need to find a little time for fun in their lives. Breyer has long brought fun into the world for Breyer collectors in so many different way, and now, with Golden Oak Stables, you can have a little fun doing something so simple but oh so fun!

Breyer always brings us the most beautiful horse models and accessories, but also bring lovely books and activity kits to keep our creative juices going. One of the more fun additions to the lines are the coloring books. Most of us wouldn’t admit it in public, but who can really resist the draw of a coloring book, or sharing that with a younger person? Now, you can have a little fun along with Breyer as you indulge your younger side.

With four different coloring books, the hardest thing to do is to choose one to start with. You can start with Pupmpernickle who is headed out to the country fair and get a fun story along with coloring. Or what about the Stablemates? Stablemates are one of the most popular Breyer lines and you can travel along with them on activities through this 64 page book. H is for Horse is an activity and coloring book with stickers to help you learn and explore all about the horse. Collectors can have a blast coloring their favorite models into the horses of their dreams in the original Breyer Coloring Book. It’s filled to the brim with the models you know and love, just waiting for your artistic expertise!

So go ahead, indulge yourself in a little childhood fun with Breyer, we won’t tell! There’s no shame when they are truly fun for all ages!

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