Breyer Horse Collecting: Summer Reading With Breyer

June 16, 2014

Summer is here and those warm, quiet sunny afternoons may be starting to get a little boring. Spending time outside and by the pool is on most people’s minds, but why not bring your Breyer collection along and spend that time with horses as well?

Breyer has for many years created models of horses that have galloped across the pages of our favorite books to life. From classics like Misty and Stormy, to the fanciful Wind Dancers, there’s been a place in the Breyer world for literature for many, many years. The connection between horses and literature is one that is long standing and has made imaginations run wild.

Owning a horse is a dream for many young boys and girls, and just like Breyer horses, the stories of horses and the adventures surrounding them have captured the imaginations of children for hundreds of years. So many of us have grown up reading the story of Misty and Stormy, or The Black Stallion and can relate to the adventures they experienced.

These stories have created a whole world of horses for millions, and as always, Breyer has brought the stories of these amazing horses to collectors all over the world. You can share your summer with four special horses and their stories and experience their worlds for yourself.  You can read the stories of Take the Reins, Primmore’s Pride,  The Spirit Horse, and Chasing Blue from famous equestrian Pippa Funnell. She takes readers through life in the barn and through the lives of four different horses as they learn and grow together.

Ready for a little summer reading by the pool? Let Golden Oak Stables help. The hardest question is which story to start with!

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