Real Life Breyer Horses: Creating Your Own Three Day Event

This weekend, The Kentucky Horse Park welcomes riders from all over the world to the only four star three day eventing event in America, the Rolex Three Day Event. This amazing competition brings riders from all over the world and all walks of life to compete for the coveted right to stand in the winner’s circle. Many of us may never get to join the ranks of these talented riders, but with a little ingenuity and creativity, all collectors can live this dream!

Three day eventing is a sport in which horses compete across three disciplines to show their versatility and stamina. The first day of the three day event is Dressage, where riders and horses show precision and their connection with their rider as they perform an intricate test of delicate movements. The second day is the grueling day of Cross Country, where riders and their horses travel across natural terrain and jumps designed to test their endurance and stamina. The third day is the final test, show jumping. Riders compete over delicate jumps not only testing their accuracy, but also their speed as they try for the fastest and quickest round. After all three days, the scores are combined to award the rider who has performed best over all three days the trip to the winners circle.

Most of us will never get a chance to compete at Rolex, but with Golden Oak Stables you can create your own Rolex at your barn! With all of the tack and accessories that you can add to your stable, a three day event of your own is only a little creativity away! Jumps can be turned into both show jumping and cross country courses with a little bit of creativity and a fence can easily become a dressage arena!  The only question left is, who’s going to be your mount?

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