Breyer Horse Decorators: Celebrating Spring

Spring brings thoughts are warm temperatures, baby animals and of course, bright spring flowers. Breyer collectors have lots of different ways to celebrate all throughout the year, but spring is a fun time to bring a bit of color into your world and you can do that with a few fun little horses that will bring a big pop of color into your collection!

Decorators are popular horses for collectors because of their fun and fanciful colors. Breyer has introduced a fun new line of horses that are perfect for spring and perfect for bringing a big pop of color into your world! The Horse Crazy series is a set of eye catching Stablemates that have been made in bright and bold colors that have taken collectors by storm!

These little horses in bright spring colors are the perfect way to tuck a little touch of spring into an Easter basket or to bring a little bit of Breyer into your spring decorating. The first set of Color Crazy Stablemates includes six horses, an Arabian, a draft horse, a warmblood, an American Saddlebred, a Tennessee Walking Horse and a Mustang in shades of pink, blue and purple! These lovely horses are a mix between clear and frosted in their bright colors with a glittered mane and tail. New for 2014, a new set of four Color Crazy Stablemates have come into Golden Oak Stables. This set includes a Quarter Horse, a rearing Arabian, a warmblood and a Paso Fino in pink, blue, green and yellow! And last, but certainly not least, there’s a Color Crazy Stable to house them all in!

Ready to bring a little bit of spring into your world? Why not do it with a fun and funky group of little Stablemates that are sure to make you feel like spring is on it’s way!

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