Breyer Horse Collecting: How Has Your Collection Evolved?

Old and new collectors alike might notice that their tastes change even after a short time. Collectors that have collected for many years often find their collections taking turns and their preferences changing. Even if you’re a new collector, paying attention to what your collection is made up of and what you are adding to it, can help you see what direction your collection is moving in.

The excitement of a new horse from Golden Oak Stables is usually enough to keep a collector’s mind off of everything besides their new addition, but if we pay attention to what horses we are choosing, it can tell us a lot about our collections. Most collectors start off collecting Breyer horses of one scale, many starting with Traditional models, but with so much variety, it’s hard to stick to just one scale! Some collectors will find that they like a certain color of horse, or a certain breed and their collection will start to trend towards a specific type of horse. Other collectors narrow their collections down to one size of Breyers, like Stablemates only.

Some collectors find that their creative spirit is too much for their collections to bear and customizing their models becomes their collection. Artists often find inspiration sitting right on their shelf! Customized horses are a great creative way for artists to help their collections evolve.

There are even some collectors that just collect everything, and that’s ok! Collections can evolve in an infinite number of ways that’s unique to each and every collector. Finding out how your collection is evolving and what you like to collect can help make each new horse you choose fit into your collection seamlessly and to make your collection curated with thought and love. What does your collection say about you?


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