Breyer Horse New Releases: Lets Go Riding Western Set

Ready to saddle up and head out on the trail? Or maybe you’re looking to work a few cows on the ranch to get them into shape. Whatever your favorite activity, Golden Oak Stables has a wonderful new set that will have you ready to mount up!

The two main disciplines in horseback riding are English and Western, each of these have millions of devoted riders all over the world, but also have a million different reasons to ride. New for 2014, Breyer has released a new Let’s Go Riding Western Set that will have collectors and horse lovers alike saddling up for adventure.

Western riding has a long history that roots itself in ranch work and long distance riding. For many years, the Western horse was a symbol of the American wild west and the ranches, riders and cowboys that called it home. Today, cowboys still proudly ride Western saddles in most cases but the Western saddle has found it’s way into the show ring just as often. Western riders now compete formally to show their skills in everything from Western pleasure classes to reining, which is a lot like dressage!

Breyer’s Let’s Go Riding Western Set features a stunning metallic buckskin Spanish bred horse that is calm and ready to do what is asked of him. He comes with his own tan and brown western saddle and a one eared bosal bridle with rope reins. His rider is a lovely red headed cowgirl dressed in a pair of riding jeans, a white fancy shirt and a matching cowboy hat. She’s even got a bright and shiny belt buckle making her all ready to go for a rider or head on into the show ring!

No matter what you rider or collect, the Let’s Go Riding Western Set is a fun new way to let your riders saddle up and head on out for lots of new adventures!

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