Breyer Horse Holidays: Holiday Horse 2013 Holiday On Parade

December 5, 2013

New for the 2013 holiday season comes a horse that is ready to herald in the season with all of the pomp and circumstance that you’d expect of a special horse. Golden Oak Stables is proud to welcome Holiday On Parade to the Breyer Holiday stable and you will be too!

Since 1997, Breyer has created a special, limited edition horse to celebrate the holiday for collectors and horse lovers alike. These models have become favorite of so many collectors over the years with their festive accouterments and a style all their own. The holiday horse is a very special horse in the Breyer collection that is unlike any other and collected by so many all over the world.

This year, the Holiday Horse has taken on the form of a gorgeous American Saddlebred and has been given the name Holiday On Parade. This stunning and proud Saddlebred is a bold golden palomino that has metallic undertones throughout his gorgeous coat. His long mane and tail are shown blowing in the wind as he stands in a proud and eye-catching square pose. Four white socks and a blaze give him a touch of flare that makes his coloring so interesting.

He wears a wonderful tack set that is perfect for any town’s holiday parade and is sure to catch attention wherever it goes. His red velvet number is accented with white fur trim along the edges of both the blanket and the saddle. The blanket and tack has been further accented with silver conchos and turquoise throughout giving him the perfect touch of bling! He finishes off his holiday look with sprigs of holly that he carries on his rump. His final touch is a beautiful “Seasons Greeting” message painted on each and every model’s stomach marking him as a limited edition for on this holiday!

New and old collectors alike can bring the beauty and fun of the holiday season to their homes with Holiday On Parade. No matter if this is your first holiday horse, or your fifteenth, he’s a stunning horse that will have you excited to be a collector!


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