Breyer Horse Collecting: Horses And Halloween

The spookiest of all holidays is among us and witches and ghouls are abound. What does this have to do with Breyer collecting? Everything of course! You can have a little bit of spooky fun with your Breyer horses and Golden Oak Stables. All you need is a little creativity!

One of the most exciting parts of Halloween are the costumes, and it’s no surprise that real horse owners have long since gotten into the spirit of Halloween with their horses. The question is, what’s stopping Breyer collectors from doing the same? Creating a costume for your Breyer can be just as fun as crafting one for yourself and you can even use it after Halloween has passed. Many photo and live  shows have costume classes that your creation can be entered in! So, there’s not only the chance for some spooky fun, but there’s also a chance at a blue ribbon! Materials like felt, embroidery thread and even the same materials that you use for your own costume are good starters for your model costume. What can you create?

Another fun way to celebrate the holiday is by decorating your stable or collection with a fall or Halloween theme. This can truly bring the spirit of the season to your collection, and switch things up a bit. Some collectors create seasonal scenes that their horses can be photographed on for fun and competition! Things like Halloween decorations can be creatively used, but be careful to stay in scale with your models, some may be far too large. Also, things from outside like branches and dried leaves can be creatively used to give your photos a spooky and realistic touch! Don’t forget the fake cobwebs, those always make things that much more frightful. Once you’re done, snap away and share the results!

With a bit of creativity you can share the fun of the season with your Breyer horses, and not just Halloween, all seasons! With a bit of craft and a lot of fun, you can bring every season and holiday to your collection!


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