Breyer Horse New Releases: Are You Ready For 2014?

Excitement is in the air as Breyer releases the first of what will be many new horses for 2014! Horses big and small have made their way into Golden Oak Stables and are almost ready to make their way into your stable. As we await their official arrival, let’s take a closer look at the new horses for 2014!

Making their way in first is the 2014 Horse Of The Year!  This year, a metallic palomino Appendix Quarter Horse takes the spot as the Horse Of The Year. Amelia, as she has been named, is a cross between a Thoroughbred and a Quarter Horse, giving her the title of an Appendix Quarter Horse.  This beautiful gal is sure to get anyone excited wherever she goes!

New in the Traditional lineup is a stunning deep bay Peruvian Paso, RCH Ventarrones! He brings the beauty and uniqueness of this South American horse breed to collectors. There’s also a star of the endurance world coming to the stable, OT Sara Moinet RSI!  This stunning liver chestnut Arabian mare has become a star in the Endurance world in just a few short years. This mare has it all, and brings her tenacity to collectors all over the world. If you’re looking for something a little smaller, Magic and Hamlet might be your answer. These two miniature horses are small in size but huge in personality! These two miniature horses have more than looks going for them, they travel and visit the sick and elderly as trained therapy horses!

In the classics world there’s two new book sets from the famous author Pippa Funnell, The Event Horse and The Dream Horse. These book sets feature a novel and a portrait classic scale Breyer horse for you to create your own adventures with! There’s also new sets of mares and foals in the classic stable that will have us all making room for momma and baby.  There is an Appaloosa mare and foal,  a Dartmoor mare and foal and lastly a Morgan mare and foal all ready to head into your stable!  There’s also a New Arrival set that will have us all excited for spring!

With such exciting horses already, there’s no telling what 2014 will continue to bring, the real question is, where will you start?


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