Breyer Horse Accessories: Transporting In Style

When you think of transporting your Breyers, you might think of moving with them or taking them to a show, but what a bout just for fun? Golden Oak Stables brings you an accessory that will not only add fun to your stable, but realism too!

The ultimate accessory for any Breyer Collector or any horse lover is a way to transport their horses to and from. Breyer has created the perfect way to bring your horses to a show, another barn or just around your own stable, the Dually Truck and Trailer Set! This set bring realism to a new definition in the model horse world creating a near perfect miniature of the trucks and trailers you would find at any stable!

The truck is a beautiful burgundy Dually with all of the bells and whistles. It’s large extended cab is perfect for hauling hay, tack or just a few riders around the farm. It’s accented in silver chrome which gives it a slick look and horse decals on each door make it clear what kind of work this truck’s in! The fun doesn’t stop there, the hood, doors, hitch and tailgate are all working parts letting your truck do all it’s meant to on your farm!

The two horse trailer is just as realistic as it’s powerhouse of a truck. This white trailer has been accented in red, blue and chrome making it the perfect match for the truck, down to the logos that both of them carry. The trailer opens from the rear to load two horses into divided stalls with floormats and chain rails that make it seem ever so real! A front door allows your riders to feed and check on the horses and the rear dutch doors make loading and unloading a breeze!

There’s no better way than this to bring a new, fun accessory to your stable, and there’s no more stylish way to travel!


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