Breyer Horse Collecting: Old Molds and New Molds

Collectors have a myriad of different terms that are used for many things in the hobby. There’s abbreviations, codes, terms and more that have made their way into the model horse collecting vocabulary. One of those terms has evolved over time to mean something new for the newest generation of collectors, New Mold and Old Mold. Do you know what they mean?

In the early days of Breyer collecting there was very little variation in the molds produced by Breyer. Any collector that was active before the 1990’s can tell you that there weren’t many models, and the colors didn’t change very often. During that time, it was a huge surprise for collectors when a new color was released and even more so when a new mold was released! This changed in the 1990’s with new technology and changes in collecting. New molds became available and became more frequent for collectors. New molds had once only been released once in a blue moon, but now collectors were able to add at least one, if not several new molds to their collection each year! This also was the time when Breyer brought new sculptors to collectors, many of which were talented hobby artists and collectors themselves.

With the latest generation of collectors, this time period has become the era that separates new molds from old molds. Old molds are generally thought of as sometimes having vintage qualities while new molds have one of an artistic touch. Both are still used often today and both are still loved and collected by collectors all over the world. Breyer has had fun with some older molds lately, releasing horses like the Western Pony with a vintage feel and the Appaloosa Performance Horse with a super realistic and updated paint job, giving him a stunning new look.

Do you prefer one over the other? Or is your collection a mix? Pay attention to the next horse you pick out from Golden Oak Stables to see what you collect most!


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