Breyer Horse Collecting: 2013 Retired List

Breyers can’t stay in production forever, or else there wouldn’t be room for new Breyers to add to our stable. Each year, Breyer releases the Retired List with horses that are sadly making their way out of the stable and making room for other horses to gallop on in to Golden Oak Stables.

1434 CH Sprinkles – Champion Pinto American Saddlebred
1436 Spirit of the West
1441 Rocky Mountain Horse
1459 ASPCA Benefit Model Gift Set
1467 Cedric – Olympic Show Jumper
1473 TS Black Tie Affair – Pinto Half-Arabian
1480 Mistral Hojris – Dressage Champion
1483 Highland Pony
1484 Heartland High Tech – Hackney Pony
1486 Shetland Pony
1487 Clydesdale Mare and Foal
1491 Vintage Spotted Western Pony – Limited to 2013
1705 Pinto Sporthorse
10320 Elvis Presley’s Bear

6139 Samirah’s Ride Horse and Book Set
6146 Chico Horse and Book Set
61063 Shipping Set 6 pc Asst
61066 Doll and Accessories 6 pc Asst
61080 Gift Set 6 pc Asst
62030 Classics Horse & Foal 6 pc Asst
62031 Grey Thoroughbred & Foal
62032 Appaloosa & Foal
62033 Bay Warmblood & Foal
62113 2013 Horse of the Year – Mariah, Morab


5933 Country Wagon
5950 Petting Zoo
5951 Play Mat
5951DISP Play Mat Display

The 2013 retired list has many favorite on it, including Olympian Cedric, Hartland High Tech and CH Sprinkles! These models have become fast favorites for collectors and lovers of their real life counterparts. There’s also some surprises on there, like the Pinto Sport Horse who has only seen a short time in the Breyer stable. There’s also quite a few retired classic models including three mare and foal sets and the Horse Of The Year, Mariah.

This all may seem like a lot, but don’t fret, it happens every year, and come January there will be a group of new horses to add to your collection. In between now and then,  you don’t want to miss your chance to add the soon to be retired models to your collection. Make a list, check it twice and be sure to find those models quickly because once they are gone, they’re gone for good. So, what do you need to grab before it’s gone?


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