Breyer Horse New Releases: RCMP Musical Ride

One of the most iconic images of Canada that any horse lover will recognize is that of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. These mounted officers have long captured the wonder of their audiences all over the world! Now, Golden Oak Stables brings you a new addition to the stable with a Canadian flair!

Formed in 1920, The Royal Canadian Mounted Police are arguably the most easily identifiable officers for so many. Their iconic red jackets and hats are a symbol of the Canadian way  of life and the beloved mounted police. The Musical Ride is a classic staple of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. In this stunning performance, 32 horses and riders perform the classical cavalry drills that have been a part of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for so many years. The Musical Ride performs all over the world, enchanting spectators with the talent and ability of these offices, both human and equine!

Breyer has created a horse celebrating these amazing horses and riders that perform the Musical Ride for so many. The RCMP Musical Ride is a stunning horse created on the mold of another Canadian superstar, Big Ben! The RCMP Musical Ride has been painted in the dark bay/black color that all of the horses of the musical ride are giving them uniformity and making the performance even more stunning! He is also featured with four bright whites and a large, bold star. He has one last touch that makes him stand out like no other. He wears a beautiful maple leaf on his hip. The real horses of the Musical Ride wear these leaves on their hips created by a stencil and wet brush, the resemblance is unreal!

You can bring a bit of Canadian history and nostalgia to your stable with this stunning new addition to the Breyer lineup. There’s no reason not to have a little Canadian pride when you look at the horses of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police!


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