Breyer Horse Collecting: A World Of Talents

Talents range the gamut of the world, but all of us have something special about us that makes us unique. What’s fun about collecting Breyers is that so many of us have talents that we can use to create wonderful things for our Breyers!

Many collectors get curious once they start collecting about what they might be able to do for themselves. Crafts are a fun past time for so many and many hobbyists find pleasure in creating miniatures for their horses. Things like halters, hay nets, barns and stables are all things that can be created with just a little creativity and passion! These fun miniatures can bring a new life to your Breyer collection and realism to your stable.

Customizing is a popular activity for many Breyer collectors. With so many kits available from Golden Oak Stables, there’s no reason to not give it a try! Everyone starts off shaky, even the most talented of artists, but with some passion and determination you might just create a champion of your own.  With a variety of different mediums and scales, play around with customizing until you find out what works for you!

One talent you might not think of that can be fun for collecting is sewing. There are so many things you can do with a sewing machine, and it doesn’t stop with Breyer collecting. Seamstresses can make things like blankets for your horses to keep warm with, but they can also make things like protective pouches to carry your models to and from shows or for storage. For the seamstress that is ready to try her hand at miniature making, miniature doll clothing is a way to bring your sewing skills to your hobby, and a new wardrobe to your riders!

Everyone starts off slow, but determination can get you so far! What talents do you have? Everyone has something that they can share with the model horse hobby, what’s your talent?



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