Breyer Horse Collecting: Fun With Classics

September 30, 2013

Classics are Breyer’s 1/12th scale models that are full of not only realism, but fun. These models hold a place in the heart  of many collectors, and there’s no question why! The classics are fun and easy to collect but also the perfect size and have lots of fun accessories that are perfect for any age!

The Classics line of horses were introduced by Breyer in 1975 with just a handful of molds. These 1/12th scale models that stand about 6 inches tall quickly became a favorite for collectors young and old. Since 1975 nearly 100 molds have made their way into the Classics stable and there’s no sign of stopping! The first classic models were introduced in the 1960’s, but they weren’t called classics then, it wasn’t until the mid 1970’s when Breyer brought a set of classic race horses to collectors that the Classic name became a collecting term. The Classic scale has also been a popular size for family sets over the years.

Today the Classics line is full of horses, sets and accessories that will have any collector excited! New molds have been added to the lineup in the past few years including new Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse and Halflinger molds! There’s also new foals that will have everyone excited for a new baby in the barn. Classics are also so much fun for play, with sets like the Vet Care Set and Pet Sitter that allow us to play pretend a bit. There’s a Classics Barn for you to start a stable of your own full of all of your fantasy horses and the fun only begins there!

So head on over to Golden Oak Stables and check out the Classics. There’s so much fun to  be had, you probably will be surprised by what this beautiful scale of horses holds!


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