Breyer Horse New Releases: Appaloosa Indian Pony

September 16, 2013

One of the most iconic American breeds is that of the Appaloosa, this spotty and flashy breed has become a staple in the equestrian world for their versatility and beauty. New for fall 2013, Golden Oak Stables brings you a new creation from Breyer that brings a new beauty to this beloved breed.

There are hundreds of different breeds of horses all over the world. Each one has developed over thousands of years to not only adapt to their surroundings but also to perform jobs by humans. The Appaloosa is a breed with a long history that can be traced back to the Spanish conquistadors of centuries past. The breed originated hundreds of years ago when Spanish horses made their way into the Americas and bred with native horses. One of the most recognizable Appaloosa ancestor is the Native American Nez Perce horse. These spotted horses found their way into the wild and into the eyes of ranchers and soon were bred to be the breed we know today! Appaloosas today compete in every discipline you could imagine, from racing at the track to western pleasure, there isn’t a discipline that they haven’t mastered!

Breyer brings a foundation style Appaloosa to collectors with the Appaloosa Indian Pony. This buckskin blanket Appaloosa has stunning dapples throughout his expertly shaded coat. A white blanket pattern sits on his hind quarters and details like striped hooves and a wide blaze give him a stunning and beautiful look unlike no other. Giving a nod to his Native American heritage, Breyer has given him a few feathers tied into his mane that gives him the perfect finishing touch.

Learn about the historic and beautiful Appaloosa breed with a new addition to your stable. A new addition is the perfect way to expand your equestrian knowledge and bring a bit of beauty home!

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