Breyer Horse Collecting: How Breyer Horses Are Made

September 9, 2013

It might seem like magic, the way you can open a package from Golden Oak Stables and have one of the most realistic horse sculptures in the world in your hands, but there are a lot of artists and artisans that your horse is worked on by before it comes to you. The process to make a Breyer horse is a long one, but the results are worth it.

All Breyer horses start off as sculptures in the hands of some of the most talented horse sculptors in the world! Sculpting can take time, so many sculptures take several years to come from clay to a horse you can hold in your hands. After the sculptor has worked their magic and created a new Breyer horse, the model is taken and a mold is formed. These molds are used to mold and create every single Breyer that will be made of that sculpture. Models come out of the molds in two halves (and sometimes even more pieces are added to the model), and are put together, sanded, and checked for imperfection. In this stage models are all white plastic and are called white ware.

The next stage of creating a Breyer really defines the horse as what it truly is, this step is painting! Several painters will give the horse every detail, from coat color, to socks, to detailing in the eyes. These meticulous details are painted on with great detail, giving every Breyer a realistic and stunning appearance! Models are then given final touches and are sealed in those iconic yellow boxes we all know and love.

From there, Breyers are sent to Golden Oak Stables where they are then sent on to collectors like you! The process can take awhile, but the results are amazing. Thinking about how many artists are responsible for creating each and every horse can be awe inspiring, and when you look at a whole collection of Breyers it can be even more so. Breyer horses are truly a piece of art!


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