Breyer Horse Collecting: What Inspires You?

September 5, 2013

Collecting for many people is an act of both love and creativity. There are many creative pursuits in the model horse hobby, from customizing your Breyers to live showing, what inspires you?

The most obvious creative inspiration for many are real horses, and the desire to create an experience like the real thing. For many this simply means collecting, and collecting the horses that you’ve desired for many years. Stables become full with our dream horses and our dreams come true through Breyer horses.

Others are inspired to make their own creations through customizing their Breyers. These creative pursuits have created many great artists and even more amazing horses. Model horse artists have created horses that rival fine artists from around the world and can create works of art that are so realistic, you’d expect them to breathe!

Live showing is a way to express your creativity too in many different ways. Naming and pedigreeing your horses is a way to create a stable full of champions and bring them to the show ring, just like the real thing! This is an activity that has helped collectors not only interact with their collections, but learn about the real horse counterparts of Breyers!

Some collectors are inspired to create the most realistic scenes possible in miniature. This goes above and beyond just a realistic horse and down to every detail of barns, equipment, tack and more! There are classes for these types of collectors at live shows, called Performance classes, but many collectors simply do this for fun!

Collectors can also be inspired by simply collecting, and adding new models to their collections. Bringing a new model in is always a chance to celebrate and a beautiful new Breyer is inspiring to say the least!

No matter what inspires you, the love for Breyer horses inspires all of us. The next time you choose a new model from Golden Oak Stables, take a minute to think about what inspired you about the horse, you might be surprised by what you discover!

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