Breyer Horse Collecting: Different Scales

Breyer horses come in all shapes and sizes, from the small pony to the large draft horse, there’s a Breyer for every type of horse, but that’s not all. Breyer also brings collectors horses of many scales to collect. Do you know what the different scales are?

Traditional horses are 1:9 scale, meaning that for every inch on the horse, it equals nine inches in real life. So, most traditional horses stand about 8 inches tall making a real horse right about 64 inches tall. All of the accessories, riders and tack in the traditional lineup has been perfectly scaled to 1:9 scale, just like the horses making them both beautiful and realistic!

The second largest scale in the Breyer lineup are the Classics. Classic horses are 1:12 scale making one inch equal to twelve inches in real life or one foot. Classic horses stand approximately 6 inches tall which translates into 6 feet for a real horse. Classics also have many accessories which are scaled perfectly and bring fun and realism to your stable. This is a fun, easy to collect scale of horses because of their size.

A new line that has recently premiered is the Breyer Gallery Breeds Of The World. These horses are approximately 1:24 scale making one inch equal to 24 inches or two feet. These little models have quickly become popular with their dynamic poses and exciting artistic value.

Last, but certainly not least are the Stablemates. These beloved horses of the Breyer world are 1:32 scale, one inch for every 32 inches, and typically stand just under 3 inches tall. The remarkable thing about this scale is just how realistic both the horses and all of their accessories are for being so small. It’s easy to see why they are a favorite!

So, what scale do you collect? Is there one in particular, or do you have a little bit of everything? Maybe you’re missing one, Golden Oak Stables can help!

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